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W E L C O M E to a new series here at Sweet Traditions -- Taste It!

We've invited some special friends to join us here at Sweet Traditions HQ over the coming months as taste testers... It's a pretty good gig -- eat your way through one of our jam packed sample boxes and then tell us, honestly, what you think. And share your thoughts with our customers.

First up is James.

jamessmythe He's our 20 something Novocastrian who loves hot sauce and was the perfect candidate to try some of our most popular hot and spicy sauce varieties. Here's the low down from James...

1. jalapeña – El Yucateco From: Mexico


  The jalapeño hot sauce from El Yucateco is a definite staple for your hot sauce collection. No funny business, just great jalapeño taste. The first thing you will notice about this hot sauce is the bright green colour in the neck of the bottle and medium consistency with lots of jalapeño flecks throughout. Straight away you get a fresh jalapeño taste balanced out by salt and spices, the mild heat hits the buds late and lingers a bit afterwards. A wonderfully simple jalapeño sauce that will go great on Mexican food and burgers.
About the company: El Yucateco is a Mexican company established in 1968 as a small family business devoted to the production of homemade habanero pepper sauces. These days it is a well renowned company producing and exporting fiery habanero pepper sauces. The company has their own Habanero and Annatto fields, which produce the main raw materials in their products. The Jalapeño Hot Sauce is the mildest in this range of hot sauces and if you aren't yet used to spicy foods, then this could be the sauce for you.

2.Chipotle Pepper Sauce – Pain Is Good From: Kansas – USA

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    This is another fantastic sauce by Pain is Good. This one will beon high rotation in our pantry. This sauce has fantastic chipotle flavours that have an understated smokey flavour that does not overwhelm the remaining garlic, tomato and spices. This medium consistency brown sauce also has a noticeable sweetness which evens out the bitterness from the mild to medium heat. Goes great on ribs and anything you would typically use barbeque sauce on.
About the company: Original Juan Specialty Foods (makers of the Pain is Good range) is located on the historic Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas. Original Juan has been creating specialty sauces, salsas, snacks and dips for wholesale and retail customers since 1998. This Chipotle Pepper Sauce is of medium heat and a more traditional style of sauce that goes well on eggs, tacos or steak.

3. Fiery Frillneck Hiss; Hot Smokey Chilli Tomato Sauce – The Chilli Factory From: Morisset, NSW, Australia

A well deserved award wining sauce, this chilli tomato sauce has won a number of awards including prizes at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and the Australian Fiery Food Awards. Not much to say about it other than -- it’s amazing. Full of chunky, smokey goodness; this sauce pours really thick and packs a tasty punch. The initial smokey taste gives way to the tomato, herbs and spices. Then the chilli hits you... It will have your nose running after a while but you will keep going back for more. It has a Chilli Factory heat rating of 9/10 but is mild enough to lather on meats and still enjoy your meal. Watch out Heinz, this sauce is a replacement. Use Fiery Frillneck on anything you would use tomato sauce on; it will transform any BBQ feast.
About the company: The Chilli Factory is a 100% family run Australian business located in Morisett, NSW. All chillies are grown in Australia (Northern Queensland) and the Chilli Factory do not use any dried, powdered or imported chillies. Their policy -- if they can't make it fresh then they prefer to not make it at all. The Fiery Frillneck Hiss is a hot smokey chilli tomato sauce used for nachos, BBQ meats, Mexican or Italian foods, accompanying baked potatoes, wedges or fries. QUICK TIP: Grab some sour cream or fresh natural yoghurt - mix together with the sauce for a quick and easy dip.

4. Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce – Trappey’s From: New Jersey – USA

    This Cayenne sauce has a thin consistency and relatively mild in the heat department. Has a very vinegary taste followed by a hit of salinity before you get the short mild punch of cayenne. I use this a wacky flavourful replacement to balsamic for certain dishes such as baked kale.
About the company: With over 100 years of experience, Trappey's Fine Foods is based in New Jersey, USA and their unique cold-packed process ensures the freshness of peppers plus the color-coded lids and labels make it easy for you to choose your favorite hot or mild pepper.



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