Trick Or Treat 2014

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Our first Halloween in the store.

And we didn't really know what to expect on Halloween day which landed on a Friday this year...

We went crazy with the fake cobwebs, spiders and flying bats on  the wall..

And spooky extras throughout the store..

And more cobwebs.. and spooky bits and pieces.

And we dressed up some chocolate bars as mummies and introduced Steve to the Sweet Tradition's customers.

Steve arrived in store at the beginning of October .. and spent a lot of time hanging out and making himself some what useful!

We also had a Halloween giveaway on Facebook.. our likers jumped up so much .. THANK YOU.. and Steve hung out with staff members Kieran and Jammo

and we spent HOURS making up 100 lolly bags.. ready for Halloween trick or treaters!

It was a fun few weeks of Halloween actually..we sold a truckload of Libby's canned pumpkin (there are a lot of pumpkin pies being made around Newcastle at the moment) and Candy Corn flew out the door!

Part owner Brandt, after much research, tried his hand at carving a pumpkin.. his first and last attempt apparently.

We were all suitably impressed with his pumpkin carving skills and Alan the pumpkin took pride of place near our sign on Trick or Treat night. And made a great prop for our Halloween photos.

and on our Trick or Treat afternoon, I must admit, I was worried we wouldn't get ANY trick or treaters!!! Maybe we hadn't advertised enough. Maybe people wouldn't come. Maybe we would be stuck with over 100 lolly bags!

But we were ready.. and the staff were ready..

And they came.

In droves!!!

By foot, on skateboards, bikes and in cars! In massive groups of teenagers and little groups of littlies with their parents. And everyone was dressed up in their best Halloween costumes AND really got into the festivities!

And our Halloween Trick Or Treat bags disappeared in lightning time.

In fact we started to panic a little when we were down to the last six bags and only 40 minutes into our Trick Or treat 90 minute time frame! But it all worked out and out came the lollipops when we ran out of bags. All in all, we gave away over 150 lolly bags and lolly pops during our Trick or Treat afternoon to some very thankful and polite trick or treaters. And it was a huge success!

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