Halloween Art Work 2014

Posted on October 16, 2014 by Kim Archer | 0 comments

This is our very first Halloween as the new owners of Sweet Traditions.

And we are having some fun decorating the store and getting into the Halloween spirit.

On Sunday 12 October, we welcomed local artists Courtney Mathieson and Daniel Lobb to the shop and they created THE most wonderful painted front store window for us. These guys are so clever and they set to work in the hot Sunday sunshine transforming our shop window.

I had seen a few sneak peeks of Courtney's sketches and plans but to see her ideas spring to life was awesome.


They had very carefully planned out what they wanted to do and we gave them free reign and I must say.. we were thrilled with their work!

Plus Sunday was H O T! And these two worked for hours and hours, with many more hours of preparation before they even arrived at the shop.. and their hard work paid off!

One of my favourite parts of the transformation is the way Daniel added to the "lolly shop" signage.. and added cobwebs and drips to the words which really brought the whole design together.

I am not a big fan of the massive "lolly shop" words across the front of the shop but we inherited the signage when we bought the business and really, it does help draw traffic to the shop as you can't miss the words! But I love how Daniel has changed it up and I think we might just keep the added "bits" once the Halloween mural comes down after 31 October.

I do so love the cobwebs as well..

 And I love the detail in Courtney's pumpkin design!

and this two headed lady :)

THANK YOU again to Courtney and Dan for transforming our front window!! We LOVE it.

You get to know more about Courtney here on Instragram or visit her website here.

Daniel Lobb is the owner of  Happie Surf Craft.. find out more on his Instragram account here..


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