NEW Stock 27 June 2016

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What's new in store and online this week? I'm glad you asked!

Our happy little shop is bursting at the seams with new product. And while we try and add what we can to our online store, stock changes regularly so if you're local -- we are in The Junction, Newcastle, then pop in and check out everything we have on offer.

BACK IN STOCK// Lucky Charms cereal, Junior Mints - small and large theatre sized boxes, Milk Duds, Chika Puka grape or strawberry, Curly Wurlys, Big Red gum plus loads of Blair's chips and sauces.


These guys fly out the door almost as soon as we get them in. We have a ton of regular customers who we text whenever new shipments of our UK chips arrive and they come in and buy a bunch of packets at a time.

UK Crisps

UK chips are hard to source and we are constantly hounding our suppliers for new products. At the moment we have UK Walker's Chips in Smoky Bacon or Cheese & Onion and Hula Hoops - original.

*NOTE available in store only


The original marshmallow sandwich.. as bite sized candy. Delicious marshmallow and Graham crackers dipped in milk chocolate. SHOP HERE.

Junior Mints

These are DELICIOUS. If you love dark chocolate and creamy peppermint, you will love Junior Mints. We haven't had them in stock for a while but they're baaaack and in TWO sizes. Choose from the small snack size or the larger theatre box size.

Hershey's Mr Goodbar


From Hershey's we introduce Mr Goodbar - snack sized pieces of milk chocolate and peanut clusters. Straight form the USA and selling super fast - there's only a few left in stock so be quick. Find them in store and here online!




























We have heaps of new stock we are adding to the website all the time and even more in store. Happy shopping and stay sweet people!




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